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I have this lengthy post prepared to share for my whole #RealtyRadioCountdownto30 thing. A post that I think a lot of people would relate to, but focuses on a negative aspect of life. And because of that, I’m just not in the mood to post it tonight. Not because I don’t want people to see it; Rather, I’m just in too good of a mood to go down that road. Not even sure why.


Maybe it’s the fact that I had chicken wings today, because it’s summer again, or maybe all the little changes I’ve been making are paying off. I don’t know.


I will post it. I’ll get back to sharing, but for today I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I feel full of sunshine.


How about you though? How was your Wednesday?

Anything you want to talk about?


This past weekend the K-Rocks started their second season of Curling at The Wolfville Curling Club. I’m excited about that because that gives me something to do every single Sunday night, and I tend to be the type of person that needs a schedule to do something.
If I can put if off, I will. But I’m trying to change that. So this week I’m looking for inspiration about what I could do to fill my week up. I’d love to do some volunteering, see live music, maybe start a completely new hobby.

So how can I get myself more into the community on a weekly basis?

What do you do for fun and excitement?


For the last few weeks I’ve been opening up about my past. Summing up the last 7 years of my life and how I got to where I am now. It started off with me graduating from College, and I’ll end it with me going back to College.
2011, four years after graduating from a program that didn’t land me a job, I was talked into going back to school. That wasn’t an easily decision though. Did I really want to spend thousands of dollars and two more years of my life on something that had let me down in the past?


Things were kind of different this time though. I was already working in the field I was about to study, and I was going back as a mature student. That meant less partying, more studying, and working all the time to stay afloat. I was still working part time at the coffee shop job I got back in 2007. I worked weekends part time at the big rock station that hired me, and just for fun still did my overnight show on community radio. I was busy, but I was also very happy.


I remember stopping in the hall at school one day and trying to figure out why I was smiling. I had no reason to smile, why was I randomly happy?  Eventually I realized that I was happy because I was doing something that I loved, and that this time it was going work out for me.


Two months before graduating officially, I packed my bags and moved here to start my first real full-time job at K-Rock.


Now that I have a job that I’m proud of, I need to focus on the rest of my life, like I’ve been doing and telling you about since September.


More on that as it happens..

Have you thought about going back to school or changing careers?