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My Sweet George

December 2008, OC Transpo decided to take the city of Ottawa hostage with a bus strike.

So my sister had to pick me up from work everyday, and that meant I had to listen to what she wanted to listen to for our drives home.

She has pretty decent taste in music, but often I would zone out and just stare at the headlights of the 417 reflect off her rearview mirror disco ball.

And then this song came on.

“WHAT IS THIS?! I know this but I haven’t heard it in years!!”

I don’t know if It was because I re-discovered it around Christmas, or because it was exactly what I needed to hear at a low point in my life, but this song has always filled me with immense joy.

Sadly, also a reminder of what we’ve lost.

RIP George.


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you on the progress of my “journey to 30”, mainly because it’s been a lot of the same, and I don’t want to over-share, especially if people aren’t that interested.


I did however meet someone who saw that I worked at K-Rock, she asked what my name was and what I did. I said I’m the evening announcer and that my name is Doug. She responded like most people do, “oh cool..”. But then a moment later you could see her eyes light up, “wait, are you the guy that writes that blog about your life?!” That made me happy, to hear that me opening up about my life has connected with someone.


Other than that, the only really big thing I’ve done differently is that after 4 months of being really good, I decided to go out and indulge a little. It was nice to relax and go out on a Friday evening, but I really didn’t enjoy the three day hangover and money lost that went with it.


The great thing about that is that in the past when going back to old habits, I always ended up making up for lost time and completely go off the deep end. This time though, I don’t feel the urge to do that. Which is great, because I was worried I would completely go back to my old lifestyle.


I do feel like I’ve lost some momentum though, and it may be that way for the next month or so with the holidays and everything surrounding them, but I will be back to full force come January!!


Maybe we could do a whole better us for 2015 type thing!


Would you be interested in something like that?