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#DougRalphShow #RealityRadioCountdownto30

For anyone seeing this for the first time, I’ve been doing a “Countdown to 30”. It started in September, and it will end in early March when I turn 30.

The whole Idea was I wanted to transform my life before I turned 30 (or at least try as much as I could before then), and do it publicly so people could be inspired by me, or silently judge me (either is fine by me).

If you asked me in early December how it was going, I’d say great! Ask me right now? I feel like I’ve done nothing. December was a bit of throwaway, as I’m sure it was for a lot of people.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m exhausted from the holidays, the fact that I “fell of the wagon” for a month, or that my expectations have not met my reality, but I feel worse than I have in the last 4 months.

I don’t say this for sympathy, I say this because I feel like anyone who tries to make lifestyle changes goes through what I’m going through right now.

Either way, I have two choices right now. I can accept that as much as I work on myself, certain things will never change. Or I can keep fighting for that life I’ve always wanted for myself.

To be completely honest, I’ll probably fall somewhere in the middle, but I’m hoping I’m wrong, and I can get on track and to the finish line on time.

More to come.

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I’m the Opposite of A Calendar!



After 7+ years of trying (and last week), I will no longer identify as someone who tries to date. i.e. I’m un-datable.

With that, I feel the need to publicly state the following:

I will no longer wear deodorant.

I don’t care about your relationship problems/happiness/The Notebook.

I’m growing a giant beard and starting a prog-rock band.

I’m looking forward to acquiring several cats that will appreciate my company.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Any questions?

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I Worked A lot Over the Holidays


If you worked a lot over the holidays like me, then you know how annoying it can be to hear things like:

“You must have had a relaxing two weeks off?”


“Well, the fun is over, time to get back to work!”

And I’ve been ready to unfairly lose it on anyone that assumed that I’m well rested and had the month of December off.

But it hasn’t happened this year yet, and now I’m kinda disappointed that I can’t be mad at people for no real reason.

So now I’m trying to trick people into asking me how relaxing my holidays were, just so I can get angry at them for asking.

Is that what being married is like?

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