About Radio Doug Ralph

I first cracked the mic in the summer of ’07 at CHUO 89.1 FM. I soon had my own 2-4am show called ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’, a new music show that featured artist interviews and album features. The highlight of my time in community radio was taking the show on the road for an East Coast Tour of Canada!

In 2010, I was hired as a part time Board Op at Newcap in Ottawa. Soon after I became Crouton, the morning show producer for The Morning Hot Tub on The New Hot 899.

Up until that point I had little to no actual training in radio, so I decided to go to school for it. In College, I managed to flip our stations format for the first time in a decade. We were mandated to play underground music, but it didn’t matter where it came from. I changed it so that we only played local music. That gave us a USP and got us a tonne of love from Ottawa. Also, that lead me to creating Alanis Morissette Day.

Around the end of College I was still doing my show on CHUO, Producing The Morning Hot Tub, Oping and scheduling daily music logs for CKDJ. So why not add more to my plate! I started doing overnights on LiVE 885. On any given day, I could be be found on 5 different frequency’s on the dial. I was busy.

In 2013, I left all that behind to go do weekends 89.3 K-Rock in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. It was a hard choice to make, and a lot of people thought I was crazy to give up everything I had going in Ottawa for me, but my PD’s at Newcap in Ottawa thought it was the right thing to do, so I packed my bags and left.

What I didn’t know is that I had a full-time job waiting for me! Upon arrival in Kentville, I was promoted to Evenings. Six months later, I was Afternoon Drive and Assistant Music Director. I now host the Saturday Night All Request Show, and cover news when needed.

I don’t know what or where my next move will be, but my aim is mornings.

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