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For anyone seeing this for the first time, I’ve been doing a “Countdown to 30”. It started in September, and it will end in early March when I turn 30.

The whole Idea was I wanted to transform my life before I turned 30 (or at least try as much as I could before then), and do it publicly so people could be inspired by me, or silently judge me (either is fine by me).

If you asked me in early December how it was going, I’d say great! Ask me right now? I feel like I’ve done nothing. December was a bit of throwaway, as I’m sure it was for a lot of people.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m exhausted from the holidays, the fact that I “fell of the wagon” for a month, or that my expectations have not met my reality, but I feel worse than I have in the last 4 months.

I don’t say this for sympathy, I say this because I feel like anyone who tries to make lifestyle changes goes through what I’m going through right now.

Either way, I have two choices right now. I can accept that as much as I work on myself, certain things will never change. Or I can keep fighting for that life I’ve always wanted for myself.

To be completely honest, I’ll probably fall somewhere in the middle, but I’m hoping I’m wrong, and I can get on track and to the finish line on time.

More to come.

Listen to K-Rock:


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you on the progress of my “journey to 30”, mainly because it’s been a lot of the same, and I don’t want to over-share, especially if people aren’t that interested.


I did however meet someone who saw that I worked at K-Rock, she asked what my name was and what I did. I said I’m the evening announcer and that my name is Doug. She responded like most people do, “oh cool..”. But then a moment later you could see her eyes light up, “wait, are you the guy that writes that blog about your life?!” That made me happy, to hear that me opening up about my life has connected with someone.


Other than that, the only really big thing I’ve done differently is that after 4 months of being really good, I decided to go out and indulge a little. It was nice to relax and go out on a Friday evening, but I really didn’t enjoy the three day hangover and money lost that went with it.


The great thing about that is that in the past when going back to old habits, I always ended up making up for lost time and completely go off the deep end. This time though, I don’t feel the urge to do that. Which is great, because I was worried I would completely go back to my old lifestyle.


I do feel like I’ve lost some momentum though, and it may be that way for the next month or so with the holidays and everything surrounding them, but I will be back to full force come January!!


Maybe we could do a whole better us for 2015 type thing!


Would you be interested in something like that?


I have this lengthy post prepared to share for my whole #RealtyRadioCountdownto30 thing. A post that I think a lot of people would relate to, but focuses on a negative aspect of life. And because of that, I’m just not in the mood to post it tonight. Not because I don’t want people to see it; Rather, I’m just in too good of a mood to go down that road. Not even sure why.


Maybe it’s the fact that I had chicken wings today, because it’s summer again, or maybe all the little changes I’ve been making are paying off. I don’t know.


I will post it. I’ll get back to sharing, but for today I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I feel full of sunshine.


How about you though? How was your Wednesday?

Anything you want to talk about?


This past weekend the K-Rocks started their second season of Curling at The Wolfville Curling Club. I’m excited about that because that gives me something to do every single Sunday night, and I tend to be the type of person that needs a schedule to do something.
If I can put if off, I will. But I’m trying to change that. So this week I’m looking for inspiration about what I could do to fill my week up. I’d love to do some volunteering, see live music, maybe start a completely new hobby.

So how can I get myself more into the community on a weekly basis?

What do you do for fun and excitement?


For the last few weeks I’ve been opening up about my past. Summing up the last 7 years of my life and how I got to where I am now. It started off with me graduating from College, and I’ll end it with me going back to College.
2011, four years after graduating from a program that didn’t land me a job, I was talked into going back to school. That wasn’t an easily decision though. Did I really want to spend thousands of dollars and two more years of my life on something that had let me down in the past?


Things were kind of different this time though. I was already working in the field I was about to study, and I was going back as a mature student. That meant less partying, more studying, and working all the time to stay afloat. I was still working part time at the coffee shop job I got back in 2007. I worked weekends part time at the big rock station that hired me, and just for fun still did my overnight show on community radio. I was busy, but I was also very happy.


I remember stopping in the hall at school one day and trying to figure out why I was smiling. I had no reason to smile, why was I randomly happy?  Eventually I realized that I was happy because I was doing something that I loved, and that this time it was going work out for me.


Two months before graduating officially, I packed my bags and moved here to start my first real full-time job at K-Rock.


Now that I have a job that I’m proud of, I need to focus on the rest of my life, like I’ve been doing and telling you about since September.


More on that as it happens..

Have you thought about going back to school or changing careers?

Countdown to 30 Post #13

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I’ve never been a huge fan of Thanksgiving. Probably because I can’t remember the last time I celebrated it. To me, Thanksgiving means working or being away from home.

I can live with that though. I just do my own thing, and try to ignore it. But Facebook has made that hard to do. All weekend I would log on and scroll through my newsfeed and see how happy and thankful everyone was to be surrounded by great food and family. Drove me crazy. So why didn’t I just stay off of Facebook? Because like many people, I’m addicted to it. It’s my go to when I’m bored, and want to “connect” with people.

It was great at first, reconnecting with people I haven’t talked to in years, and for staying in touch with family and friends when I moved away from home. But lately it hasn’t been a positive experience. It just makes me jealous of other people’s lives, and self conscious about what I post based on the amount of likes I get.

Not to mention the games Facebook is starting to play. I don’t get updates from the pages I like, and more and more my feed is filled with stuff I don’t care about.

I’d up and quit it completely if It wasn’t so helpful with seeing what’s going on in the world, and keeping it touch with all my family and friends who live far away.

What I am going to do is limit the amount of time I go on. I’m going to try and use it like we did when it first came out, not every 20 minutes like most of us do now. I’m going to post less, and not read as much as often.

What are your thoughts on Facebook?

Countdown to 30 Post #12

#TBT to 2011..

Almost 4 years after graduating from college I got my first real job. It was only part time, but that didn’t matter, I felt like I had finally made it!

I had hit the big leagues. More listeners, more buttons, and a lot more at stake. I quickly learned that there was a huge difference between this station, and the one I volunteered at. As someone pointed it out to me, it’s hard to be fired from a job you do for free.

That was a lot of pressure. I was working along side the people I had grown up listening to. Not only that, I was now partly responsible for their success. It was exciting, but also very nerve wracking. So I decided to put everything into that job. I needed to, this was the only career opportunity I had been given since graduating from college in 2007.

That’s when I really started to become a workaholic though. I spent all my free time at the station. I never said no to a shift, which meant that I was always saying no to family and friends.

Work came first, always. No excuses. That served me well career wise, but like I stated at the beginning of this whole countdown to 30, it sent be down the path I’m on now. The path of not having a life outside of the radio station.

I’m slowly working on breaking that habit, but I have a long way to go.

Countdown to 30 Post #11

This past weekend I spent a lot of time in an aisle I usually only go down to grab toothpaste and soap.

I stared at cleansers, scrubs and lotions that completely confused me, and would likely just make me smell like a flower. But I had to buy something, because my chest is a disgusting mess.

The waxing I did last week spawned a giant acne breakout. I’ve learned that this is very common, which made me feel better, but still I need to spend a little more time on my skin for the next couple weeks.

That got me wondering though, should I be doing this regularly? Are there other things I should be doing to improve my overall hygiene?

There are plenty of skin care products for men, and when words like “exfoliation” and “lather” seem foreign to me, maybe it’s time I clean myself up with more than just a bar of soap.

So my question this week is, what should guys be doing for regular maintenance?

Or rather, what would you women like us to be doing to make you happier?



Countdown to 30 Post #10

Last week I told you about 2009, the year where I stopped waiting for life to happen, and decided to do things on my own terms. I took my show on the road, and traveled our beautiful East Coast.
After that I really kicked things into high gear with my radio show. I interviewed more artists, got more hours on the air, and started hosting a weekly band showcase at a local bar.
Everything that had to do with my hobby of radio was great, but I still was determined to not be a college graduate working at a coffee shop.

During my job search, one that had now been going on for three years, a job came up at the community radio station that I volunteered at. I thought, that’s it! There’s a job that I could actually get. I mean, I had already been working there for free for years! One problem though. You had to be bilingual to get the job, and I don’t speak much French.

So I had to convince them to take me on, with the promise that I would learn to speak French. I put everything into that application, thinking that it was my last and only shot at a career. I remember the night before I had to submit it being so emotionally exhausted that I needed to take a nap. I felt drained, and I knew that if I didn’t get this job, I’d be stuck working at a coffee shop forever. I was wrong.

That night, the night before handing in my resume to the station I volunteered at, I got a call from one of my hero’s from the big rock station in town! Someone I had spent years listening to on the radio, had somehow gotten my number and called me.

I couldn’t believe it. Not only that, he was calling to offer me a job. You see, I had sent him my resume in 2008, but there was no openings. I just thought he wasn’t interested in me, wrong again. He had kept my resume on file, and two years later he pulled it up once there was an opportunity for me.

I barely slept for days, I was too happy. I was living with my sister at the time, and she said there was a glow to me that she had never seen before. For the first time in years I felt like my college education and volunteer work at the community station wasn’t for nothing.

But getting a job at a real radio station had it’s challenges. More on that next week.


Countdown to 30 Post #9

This past weekend I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, go to PEI. I think what stopped me from going sooner was the fact that I couldn’t justify spending the money.
But I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone lately, so I forced myself to go.

That didn’t however stop me from adding up all the money I was spending as I went.

 That night while sitting in my hotel room trying to convince myself that it was ok for me to take the trip, East Coast Music Unplugged with our very own Darrin Harvey came on the tv! It was the episode where he interviews Ben Caplan. Darrin asked Ben about his live performances and how he was able to give so much during them. Ben then explains that he can give his all because he focuses on nothing but the show. He’s completely living in the moment, with no concern about what has happened in the past, and what may lie ahead of him. It’s all about the present moment.

That struck me. Why am I worrying about what my bank account will look like in the future? Why am I thinking about all my issues that I left behind in Nova Scotia? Right now I need to focus on the fact that I’m in PEI.

 Those thoughts were highlighted by the fact that I was having all these memories from my first trip to PEI. As I retraced my steps, I found myself remembering all these issues I had back then. All these problems that mean nothing now, and that I shouldn’t of been thinking about on a trip.
Doesn’t mean I don’t need to worry about this stuff, it just means that I need a break from it. I need to focus on the now, and only worry about everything else when I’m in a position to fix it.
You have any advice on how to not worry so much?

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