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12 Things To Stop Saying To People In Radio

1. You’re so lucky, you get to just talk for a living.

So do people who work at call centres, drive thru’s, offices.

Wait. Who doesn’t talk for a living?

2. I could’ve totally done my own radio show.

I could have been alright, I could have been here tonight, I could have been sweet as wine, I could have been a lady.

3. How much do you make?
Not enough for the hours I put in, way too much considering I spend most of the time air-drumming and dancing like an idiot.

4. Can I get free tickets to (insert show here)?
YES YOU CAN!! Listen for the cue to call, then be caller 9 at 902-365-ROCK!

5. So are you trying to be like Howard Stern or something?

Am I trying to be one of the most recognized and praised names in radio? Yes, yes I am!

6. I have a great idea for your show…

TELL ME!!! I can use as much help as I can get:

7. What’s your backup plan?


8. Why aren’t you doing TV?


9. Omg I’m SO SORRY!!! I NEVER even listen to the radio!

I never listen to Taylor Swift, she seems to be doing ok.

10. Radio is a dying industry.
You’re a dying industry.

11. Wanna host (insert here) for free? It’s only a few hours.

YES!! No one invites me anywhere. You know I’m not the morning show right? If you can convince my boss to let me take an evening off, I’m there!!

12. Can you mention my business on the air?!

Is your business a pizza place? Will you give me pizza? Is pizzayola really a crime?

My Sweet George

December 2008, OC Transpo decided to take the city of Ottawa hostage with a bus strike.

So my sister had to pick me up from work everyday, and that meant I had to listen to what she wanted to listen to for our drives home.

She has pretty decent taste in music, but often I would zone out and just stare at the headlights of the 417 reflect off her rearview mirror disco ball.

And then this song came on.

“WHAT IS THIS?! I know this but I haven’t heard it in years!!”

I don’t know if It was because I re-discovered it around Christmas, or because it was exactly what I needed to hear at a low point in my life, but this song has always filled me with immense joy.

Sadly, also a reminder of what we’ve lost.

RIP George.

Parliament Hill

I wrote this on my stations Facebook page after last weeks shooting in Ottawa.

Today is a very heartbreaking day for all Canadians, as we try to process the attack on our Nation and the tragedy surrounding Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who lost his life standing by a memorial for those who have done the same.

I’m also devastated to hear people say that things will never be the same. There is some truth to that, I just hope it doesn’t change the spirit of Parliament Hill and our beautiful country.

While in most other parts of the world you’re not allowed near the main government building, Parliament Hill is where people go to play frisbee. People are free to protest and celebrate there, and on 4/20 thousands of people go there to smoke pot without any interference from police. Not only that, they hand out Doritos.

How many other countries would allow that to happen?

My favourite story of Parliament Hill is that Tom Green, before he was famous, would often announce on his late night radio show that he wanted to get a game of soccer going. Then in the middle of the night, Tom and random strangers would get together on Parliament Hill and play until the sun came up.

To me that’s as Canadian as it gets.

I know things will have to change after today, I just hope it doesn’t change us.